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Reveals Secret to Buying Hockey Equipment

January 9 2004–How much are you spending each year to outfit your future hockey star? $500? More?

Tired of answering THE most frequently asked question, “How do I get the BEST VALUE for my child’s hockey equipment,” Coach Dennis Chighisola’s has decided to fully outline the secret in an easy to download “E-book”. Coach Chic, as he is known by his players, is also the author of several coaching manuals and magazine advice columns for “Hockey/USA” and “Better Hockey”.

The comprehensive 21 paged E-book sells for a nominal $19.95, but is being introduced at only $9. It is available at www.icehockeydrills.com/equipmentmatters. The E-book should save you significantly more than $9 on your first purchase. If not completely satisfied, a complete refund is available within one year of purchase.

The E-book covers equipment needs for all levels and ages. The concise and direct tips are invaluable for beginners to advanced level players (and their parents). Readers learn where to invest the most time and money, as well as where to save. Parents won’t make needless purchases and they’ll be more informed about the ones they do make.

You will learn the difference between hockey’s protective gear and it’s most important “tools”. You will also learn the affects equipment has on learning ability, with particular focus on the skates and stick. Additionally, you will learn how to prepare in advance for those unexpected, but inevitable equipment failures.

Learn how to troubleshoot your own skate and stick problems. Learn some critical equipment factors that can influence your skating, puckhandling and shooting. Gain special insight into the ways gear can be modified to great advantage. Learn enough about equipment purchases to save the cost of this program many times over!

Coach Dennis Chighisola is the author of several coaching manuals and magazine advice columns for “Hockey/USA” and “Better Hockey”. He holds a Physical Education Degree, and highest rating of USA Hockey, Master Coach. In addition to studying at the Moscow Institute for Sport in the USSR, the coach has over a decade of high school and college head-coaching experience.

As the Director of the New England Hockey Institute for the last 30 years Coach Chighisola is the creator of “A TOTAL MASTERY SYSTEM.” His program includes the philosophy and all of the drill-progressions he has used to send hundreds of players on to top high school, junior, college and pro teams.

For more information visit www.icehockeydrills.com/equipmentmatters.

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Businesses Often Overpay for Equipment Financing and Leasing

For those who have experienced it firsthand, obtaining equipment financing or leasing for a business of any size can be a painful and often expensive ordeal.

“Similar to the automobile leasing industry, equipment leasing is one in which the quality and pricing of this intangible product has become increasingly difficult to judge for many different and sometimes complex factors”, according to Tom Tolman, independent leasing consultant and founder of Equipment Funding Resources.

“As just one example”, continues Tolman,”an Automatic Renewal Clause included as part of equipment lease documentation, if not properly recognized and addressed, can add an additional 6-12 payments to the original lease term. This effectively increases the rate on the transaction by up to 20-30%. It turns a leasing transaction which looks good going in, into a bad one coming out.”

This process is about to become much simpler and more cost effective. At least that is the intent of Equipment Funding Resources. They recently launched their website.

This coincides with the release of a number of “how to” publications for business owners and decision makers who may be involved in this process.

Tolman has worked for the last twenty- seven years in a variety of lending and marketing positions for such major companies as Avis Leasing, Hong Kong Shanghai Bank and U.S. Leasing International.

Award Winning Rhinos Seen Charging the Screen in Victoria, BC

Winner of the 2001 NextFest Media Favourite Award

The Rhino Brothers screens at The Victoria International Film and Video Festival

Screening at The Victoria International Film and Video Festival
Capitol 6 Theatre
Friday February 8
3:00 PM

What could be more Canadian than this story of the three Kanachowski brothers who have grown up living, breathing, and dreaming hockey in a ubiquitous small, rough town with five hockey rinks and no bookstores? But don’t worry about clichés. Dwayne Beaver’s exciting debut feature straddles the line between sport film and art film.

Over the years the big league dream has been stocked by the brothers’ fiercely determined single mother – Gabrielle Rose in an unforgettable, thoroughly toxic, Genie qualifying performance. She is desperate to compensate for all of life’s disappointments with some great family triumph.

Her hope is Stephan, the youngest, who has made it to the minor leagues, while equally talented Sasha, the eldest, plays with the a local team, the Rhinos. He is eaten out by jealousy after washing out of the big leagues. Only Victor has been able to construct something of a normal life.

Strong characters and a wrenching glimpse into the dark side of our national sport add up to a gripping film. The images shot with the Sony 24P HD format, the very same used by George Lucas for the next Star Wars instalment – are smashing.
– 2002 Moving Pictures, Canadian Films on Tour

Directed by Dwayne Beaver
Produced by Tracey Boulton
Co-Produced by John Pineau
Written by Rudy Thauberger
Edited by Kenneth Sherman and Jody Polowick
Starring Gabrielle Rose, Curt Bechdholt, William MacDonald, Alistair Abell and Deanna Milligan

Made with the support of Telefilm Canada * The Movie Network * Movie Central * The New VI * CanWest * Western Independent Producers Fund * Film Incentive BC * Canadian Film and Video Production Tax Credit

The Hockey Source offers Minor Hockey Solutions to Better the Game

Markham, Ontario August 24, 2004 — In response to the overwhelming demand for reliable information about minor hockey (also known as youth or amateur hockey), The Hockey Source recently launched its Web site

The Hockey Source interactive Web site provides education, expert advice, ‘how-to’ instruction, and a roster of valuable resources for not only those who play, but all people involved in minor hockey. The site focuses on providing reliable, unbiased, and realistic information in conjunction with the television show scheduled to begin airing in October of this year.

“The Hockey Source is a great resource for information, fun, entertainment and education for all of us who are interested in or involved in hockey, including fans, players, parents, executives, scouts and others,” states, renowned sports and entertainment lawyer, Gord Kirke.

With approximately 4.5 million hockey players, coaches, managers, officials, trainers, administrators and volunteers registered with Hockey Canada and approximately 700,000 registered with U.S.A. Hockey, the need for minor hockey information is evident. The Hockey Source seeks to fill this void by providing people of all ages and levels of interest valuable information that will help them make sound decisions and, most of all, have more fun!

“I want to better the game by bettering the people,” states Executive Producer and creator of The Hockey Source,  Hockey-ology – The Ultimate Guide to Fun & Success in Minor Hockey expected to be released in September of this year.

In addition to the book, The Hockey Source offers two lines of products: Rink Mates, which is designed to help solve problems around the game of hockey; and Signature Series, which provides hockey-inspired apparel.

Largest Minor Hockey Association in Canada Selects ITSportsNet


Calgary, AB – July 31, 2002 – The Minor Hockey Association of Calgary (MHAC) is proud to announce that it making further advances in improving the administrative processes starting in the fall of 2002. To do this, MHAC is implementing a new registration and league management system provided by ITSportsNet.

“Technology is becoming more and more a part of MHAC’s operations. ITSportsNet has developed an Internet-based management system that handles all of our operations. We expect that it will greatly reduce the stress and workload that is involved in our registration and league management and improve the level of service that we deliver to players, coaches, parents and fans,” says Beth Long, administrator for MHAC.

ITSportsNet has been in the business of registration and league management for over 3 years. Their flagship product, the Advanced League Management System, harnesses the power of the Internet to reduce administrators’ time by 50%. “Reducing the administrative burden for the people that do all the work behind the scenes allows for manageable growth of sport organizations,” stated David Cooper, President of ITSportsNet.

Internet-Based Applications are the Perfect Answer Sport clubs and leagues have been growing rapidly over the past 10 years, and the expectations placed on volunteers are increasing. Many organizations are looking for solutions, and internet-based applications are the perfect answer for multi-administrator management systems.

For MHAC, ITSportsNet will be implementing the next generation of Sport Administration Solutions with its new multi-organization management system. Clubs, leagues, and governing bodies will be able to communicate and streamline their administration tasks like never before.

“An overwhelming workload for administrators and volunteers combined with new demands for online services by parents and players is helping to bring this change sooner rather than later.” says Chris Groot, VP Marketing of ITSportsNet.

“Being the largest minor hockey association in Canada, MHAC prides itself at being at the leading edge in many aspects of the game. We want to minimize the administrative workload for all levels of hockey in Calgary and continually improve the delivery of communication and services to our members. The tools that ITSportsNet has developed will enable us to reach those goals,” said Robin Mann, President of MHAC.

About MHAC
The Minor Hockey Association of Calgary – the largest minor hockey association in Canada – is the home to approximately 12,000 hockey players.

About ITSportsNet
ITSportsNet is a premier developer of club and league management solutions. ITSportsNet’s flagship product – the Advanced League Management System – is consistently reducing Club and League Administration time by 50%.