Award Winning Rhinos Seen Charging the Screen in Victoria, BC

Winner of the 2001 NextFest Media Favourite Award

The Rhino Brothers screens at The Victoria International Film and Video Festival

Screening at The Victoria International Film and Video Festival
Capitol 6 Theatre
Friday February 8
3:00 PM

What could be more Canadian than this story of the three Kanachowski brothers who have grown up living, breathing, and dreaming hockey in a ubiquitous small, rough town with five hockey rinks and no bookstores? But don’t worry about clich├ęs. Dwayne Beaver’s exciting debut feature straddles the line between sport film and art film.

Over the years the big league dream has been stocked by the brothers’ fiercely determined single mother – Gabrielle Rose in an unforgettable, thoroughly toxic, Genie qualifying performance. She is desperate to compensate for all of life’s disappointments with some great family triumph.

Her hope is Stephan, the youngest, who has made it to the minor leagues, while equally talented Sasha, the eldest, plays with the a local team, the Rhinos. He is eaten out by jealousy after washing out of the big leagues. Only Victor has been able to construct something of a normal life.

Strong characters and a wrenching glimpse into the dark side of our national sport add up to a gripping film. The images shot with the Sony 24P HD format, the very same used by George Lucas for the next Star Wars instalment – are smashing.
– 2002 Moving Pictures, Canadian Films on Tour

Directed by Dwayne Beaver
Produced by Tracey Boulton
Co-Produced by John Pineau
Written by Rudy Thauberger
Edited by Kenneth Sherman and Jody Polowick
Starring Gabrielle Rose, Curt Bechdholt, William MacDonald, Alistair Abell and Deanna Milligan

Made with the support of Telefilm Canada * The Movie Network * Movie Central * The New VI * CanWest * Western Independent Producers Fund * Film Incentive BC * Canadian Film and Video Production Tax Credit